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The Value This Programme Delivers To You

The Value This Programme Delivers To You

Introducing the Programme

The world of technology is going through a massive innovation wave. This brings many new technologies, frameworks and architectures to light. Keeping up with these technologies is essential for any career path one may chose and that is where this course can help you.

The course, “Emerging Technologies Summer Programme for Students” presented by Cykube Academy focuses around understanding not only what the future holds for these current technologies but also understand how these can be replaced with the emerging technologies of the present.

The course explores real world case studies along with practical hands on solution development following a more project-based approach towards academic learning.

The course is four weeks long, and students are required to give four hours of dedicated study time to successfully complete it. To be able to earn the course certificate students are also required to submit a final project that will consist of them applying all that they have learned to create a practical use case of one of the emerging technologies learned during their course study.

The future is full of opportunities and it is time you make the most of it.

  • This course costs £350. Discounts are available for early bird purchase £100. Total number of Students/ class are 25.
  • Emerging Technologies Summer Programme

    • 01 - Fintech
      • Introduction to Fintech
        Fintech current and future practices
        Key Sectors and Trends
    • 02 - Machine Learning, AI & Robotics
      • AI and Big Data Analytics (Google and Amazon)
        Robo Advisory and its impact on Financial market
        Application of AI in business
        How Virtual reality and augmented reality work
        Machine learning in real world
    • 03 - Blockchain &IOT
      • Understanding the core of Blockchain
        Challenges and Benefits of Blockchain
        Creation of Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin)
        Difference between Bitcoin and Blockchain ?
        What is IOT and IOT things?
        How smart lights and devices works-Home Automation
        Case Study:
    • 04 - Future of Emerging technologies
      • Case Studies of the Real world
        Task to come up with a solution of ou own choice by atleast combining 2 emerging technologies as discussied in this course
        Application of one technology and build a case for industry of your choice

    What You Will Learn

    The course is designed to equipped students with the tools, which will help them to evaluate technical aspect of different real world use cases which are developed keeping emerging technologies in mind.

    The course outlines strategies to understand evaluating frameworks that are used by industry experts to apply, different emerging technologies to different domains within industries such as finance, healthcare, construction and academia.

    This course aims to be highly interactive and engaging. It will also allow students to participate actively during the sessions and formulate their questions in timely fashion. This approach help students developing their mental landscape about new technological solutions. Students taking this course will also learn the business aspect of their respective markets. This exposure is essential for understanding the entire ecosystem of the market and technology, which helps them in decision-making process in their respective fields of business.

    Lastly, the solutions discussed in this course will expose students to understand how different technologies can merge different domains and industries together. By the end of this course, students will be able to lead the 4th wave of industrial revolution making the future a better and efficient place for all.

    Your Instructors – Global experts who will share their experiences and in-depth subject knowledge of the core elements of the programme

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    Sharjil Ahmed
    /tech entrepreneur
    Sharjil Ahmed is tech entrepreneur. He is the Co-founder of Cykube a UK headquartered Blockchain and Fintech advisory and solutions provider. He is working on promoting Fintech and Blockchain solutions in the areas of Finance, Government, Health care, Shariah compliant Investments, Halal economy, SDG’s and financial inclusion.
    Sharjil has gained training and certification from Oxford University in Fintech and Blockchain post completing his MBA degree in International Business from Anglia Ruskin University, UK. Sharjil has done various Blockchain certification that includes Corda and Hyperledger. He has 15 years of experience in Investment banking and been involved as founding team member of various banks in UK and Middle East.
    Sharjil is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars and providing thought leadership on Islamic finance and Investments particularly how it is evolving with the technological revolution. He is a member of the advisory panel of IFQ at the Chartered Institute of Securities and Investments (CISI), UK.

    CYKUBE Certificate of Participation

    By successfully completing this course you can gain a Certificate of Participation that can be used to evidence Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours. This will be from University College London and University College London Centre for Blockchain Technologies.

    Price £350
    Session 17th Aug - 04th Sep 2020
    WHERE 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm GMT
    LENGTH 3 weeks
    Early Bird (Discount) £100
    (Not Active)
    If you would like to pay the fee in two instalments please contact us at